Frozen Fingers Furling

Were I to give evidence of the depth of my pain
To spew forth the vile atrocity that is this heartache
To fling back my head and howl this unflinching hell, with every muscle, tendon, bone…
Then those whom gather in my lonely corner; The forsaken, withered angels –
Would they feel my heart slamming into steel, glass and concrete, on the way down?
To strike the cement
To splatter on the sidewalk
Crushed by this fleshless entity that we all seek
Despite its tendency to snatch back all that it gives to us

– A winged heart and starburst eyes, that peer down on a rosy dream, while soaring high above heaven –  

Is any creature listening? Any… thing?
Expel this numb death from beneath my skin, having taken root 
After loves cruel, unblushing fingers left me gutted…

Dandelion eyes, spitting helicopter seeds of possibility
Floating around me everywhere, when I met you
Roots reaching to the sky, in my mind
Two flames passion crashing, setting fire to the sea
Words like filmy kisses
Desert heat like a satin ribbon, snaking down my spine
While skin and musk, aching, arching and sliding, played in my head 
Like on a big screen at a summertime drive-in
Eden without sin…
But this, this was out of my depth –
Malengine blood in your sulphuric veins
Brutal evisceration –
13 hours after God breathed eternity, you began murdering your soul in perverse ways
So disquieting that you bruised the sun
Until the sky turned black

Literary masterpiece crumpled into a morceau, by a thousand movements of your hands
Papercuts and ink stains
Simple totems that point toward your destructive appetite; All that you wait to devour
Despite the cost, the loss, the pain
Melting down, over this valley like candlewax
Like blood down a tv screen during a horror movie, syrupy-slow and sickly sweet
You were listening to me, but I caught your eyes looking over there
And where they fell, your mind followed
I know that road well; I know that little town and all of the noise in it –
Knew it before you came
Before all of this was even a blip on your radar, and you became a damn fool –
Wouldn’t let go of all of it, to hold on to me
And the lies that you bled fed the ground until even the weeds died
Your warrior way is no longer a part of the red road
So take your arrows and feathers to your prayer sticks
And humble yourself before your god
Before the last of your shadow disappears and you’re gone
Too venomous to keep in my heart
Too mangled in spirit to be a ghost
The only whispers in the air that linger of you –
Your attempts to make me the cause of your effect
To expect me to be a savior yet anoint me a demon
Your memory?… the sound of metal in my ears
Scraping down my chalkboard spine