Human nature, specifically, our Shadow self has always been alluring to me. Our Shadow parts are those dark, fiery, raging, sharp, hungry, thirsty, destructive, peculiar, wild natures that many deny. The Shadow self is an energy that can separate or bind us together, if we care to explore it, or observe/interact with anothers. Shadow can introduce us to new perspectives, new ways of feeling/doing.

Sometimes the mystical, magical finds you. Sometimes you find it. The Universe is a vast, amazing energy, and life is a stage full of imps. The tricky thing is to live life as a fool – always open, without preconceived notions, willing to simply go on the journey, live it fully, with heart, mind, soul and spirit engaged, and keep an appreciation for every trial, challenge, pain, achievement. To let those strange, mysterious, illogical, unexplainable moments sink into your being, as you hold awe in one palm and innocence in the other. Ok, moving on…

Give me a good cup of coffee, a desk by a window where I can sit, my fingers happily clacking on the keys of my laptop. Surround me with oddities, books, colors, scents, and familiar items, some of which are comforting talismen. Allow my imagination to be a fiery, creative force. Let my words stir emotions. Let me live this way to a ripe old age, watching the beauty of the seasons come and go, and the youthful face of my beloved change into the mature face of my best friend, sometimes co-writer, and the beautiful man that shares my dreams, and my gratitude will be profound.

Introduce yourself to your demons, for when you truly know them, you most likely know yourself. Must everything always be good or bad? Can we simply consider our demons as different parts of ourselves, and entertain that they too have something to teach us? Without angels there would be no demons. They too serve a purpose and to ask “What can you teach me?” is to embrace your whole being, and thus, to appreciate and love the magnificent creature that is you.