I’m fond of contemplation, curiosity, self awareness, imagination and strange things. I consider my style to be dark surrealism poetry, usually about the human condition, and often about love lost. Tragic, haunting, graphic, strange, heart-wrecking sorrow calls to me, and so; I write. I believe there is beauty in sorrow. I’ve lived it, seen it, felt it, know it. I hope that my words create a Universe of their own for you, full of visuals and contemplation.

I apologize if my blog has technical issues at times. I am new to formatting a blog. I edit and fix things as fast as possible. Is it just me, or could creating a site be a bit easier? It’s probably just me… Anyway, thank you for reading my words. I hope that you enjoy.


Ocean of Orange Oasis

Naked in the clouds
Voluminous sky cocoons wrapping our perfect imperfections
Our lovers wounds
Blooming into tendrils of lions heads, demon wings and angel eyes
That frolic in our naked curves, valleys and secret gardens
Bequeath our skin with shades of violet aphrodisiacs, transposed over the rise and fall of our innocence –
Breathe irous flames into our fire, burst life into our loss, drip down our chins with the sweetness of late summer cherries
When hearts drink in the suns nectar and the moons mythical silvery glow…
You are standing in my shadow
Metamorphosing into my souls similar
Perching in the treetops of my mind
Caramel eyes focused on visions of my dreams and distortions, my tortured denials of myself –
My raptured longings of my ancient, dusty, dented scales falling away…
To reveal beauty beneath the dreadful
Your knowing eyes soothing the burdens of my doubts
As you watch the movies in my head, tender spots where I’ve named my demons –
Named myself…
A malady of misery seeking a savage rain in the desert, to wash my damages –
To birth my blood red flower
This turmoil beneath the soil, these roots of stagnation and anemic stems that starve my seed –
Corrupt its flourish, desecrate its season and pluck its bleeding petals to grind them on the riverstones
Where the hell hags slither, sway, gyrate… beneath their winter black veils
Their weeping mewls incantations to torment the dying –
Shadow pigments of blue, turquoise, purple and grey cascading down the trees
While the hillsides melt from the gaze of these haunted eyes
I call to you, and
Your sweeping wings carry my miseries, lift the deadweight of nightfall psychoses
To soar into star points, where an aperture of silvery light pivots and warms –
Slender fingers of radiance that reach into my blistered bones
Capture the inception of lost illusions, grind them into pastel remnants, and toss them
Into a starless night skies cavities where they paint a devotional rosary…
Embellishing my skull eyes with shades of garnet hope
Anchoring my heart to loves adamant depth in our celestial equinox burning wild
A harvest brewing, where we dance in rose-jeweled fields
Our consonant hearts like moon corridors –
Leading to where dreams are eternal flames that never sleep
But soar between stardust and spectacle on fireflies lacy wings –
Our seeds of love ripe and plump, brimming with luscious verve
As we stitch all constraints into ropes of passion
Our naked souls shimmering in each others eyes
Skirting the skies wispy blue fields like dragonflies frolicking
On the cusp of magics luminous audacity
Free falling over the edge, arms wide open
To catch the stars, scoop up the sublime from the galaxy –
Drench each other in our transcending love


Suffer Sorrow Sweeter Serenity

Does it make me weak or strong? To love despite the hurt; Betrayal?
To be a steadfast island in your sea, when all you give me are tempestuous seasons?
Looking toward heaven, sending my dreams back to the sky
Soul littered, rows and rows of shallow graves
Tender spots, tear-stained words, loneliness and questioning the scars… are rooted deep
Fingertips softly trace the raised edges of the ones that can be seen
The reflection in my eyes is hard to swallow; Am I meant to be alone?
Just a shadow in a corner, just a hungry ghost?
I despise myself, now that you’ve shown me how…
I thought that I might become
Your true confession
The music in your heart and the warm, blue waters in your soul
The meaning of your words, even the ones that went unheard…
The wild abandon, passion unashamed –
The desire of the fire in your eyes, naked and untamed
My name the only one on your lips, breathy in my ear, curving against my neck…
You; Falling into my mysterious unknown with savage abandon
Cursing whatever gods had kept you from me, while you ripped time from the universe –
Demanding that our reincarnation be reincarnated…
I thought that I might become
Your medicine
Your ceremonial prayer, your spiritual communion
The keeper of your deepest secrets
Your last breath
But you spun me around until I forgot who I was
Walking backward in the mirror in my funeral dress; I became
Your greatest secret
Your concrete valentine
Your last choice
Your loathed prison
Our poem of sorrow, an ending without a beginning, still I;

I wandered along your cliffs
Pushed against your storm, headstrong and defiant
I explored your caves
Dug up your secrets, with softened eyes
I rubbed your anxious brow with feathered fingers
Heartbeat placed beneath your hand
I held on when no one lingered
A constant star in your starless sky

I want to be your chaos, my hair your silky blindfold, my body your garden where you wander, my eyes your only storm
My skin where your mouth lingers, my mind your favorite playground, my soul your spirit pony, My heart your only home
The nightmare in your dream just to keep things interesting
The red streaks on your back, after you let me taste what death is like
When you said my name; I thought you called me Heaven
I thought you called me Beautiful
I thought you called me… Mine
You build the fire, then lead me to it, hold me by my hair, until my skin crackles, hisses, runs down my bones
I am your boredom, your ambivalence; You wanted all my suffering to outdo your own
You want to see my pain, it lulls your wailing demons
The moon told you to wait; Take care, there lives no love in bitter fumes
Walking the veil between two worlds is a mad mans foolish choice
The ones that play with fire are the ones that are consumed…
Ghost eyes, you cut the mirrors from your face
But shadow always follows soul
Naked anger licking flames, seething, writhing, pent up wrath
The skies on fire like the ground below
Your indifference is indicative of a mangled spirit –
Best to tend to your overgrown soul
Pull out those piled up weeds from your polluted soil
Those noxious thorns when the sun lays low
Those weeping wounds by the roots; Toil
Claw and dig with shovel or hoe
Before your humanity becomes inhuman
Cornflower ghost dance on a waiting grave –
Reluctant fallow shadows beckon
Faithless deeds for you to reckon
Wrecked pupils dismember my weary heart
And there’s no more left of you to save

The Color of Our Truth

Opalescent Ocean Odyssey

Cutting deep, desolation and despair
You’re the one I want to keep but this may have gone beyond repair
Our conception born from words, far into the early morning hours
We eagerly devoured the lovely chaos swirling round in our minds
Creeping through feral, demented forests – Sometimes running blind
Diving into madness… Are you there?
Can I reach out and tangle my fingers in your hair?
All these walls with busted corners
All these windows with no view
And the bells are ringing near the hill side
While the crows perch on the pews
Osteomancy underneath a nightshade sky –
Brittle bones born to die… Sliding through fingers smooth as glass
Knocking on the stones, spilling our mystery
Sucking the rain into their cracked, dusty fragments
To expel our story –
Sticky and messy, gritty and reserved, scraping and tearing…
Like trying to hold fire in a cage
The unfolding of our becoming… or undoing…
Lust lovely, love… bite the savage, sweet and sinister. Listen to them speak –
But the winds run dry and the bones won’t cry –
This vague shadow as empty as a scarecrow – a riddle swallowing itself
A feast without the famished…
Time cannot collapse destiny like water carves the stone
It’s been a long time coming, but now you don’t have to be alone
The color of our truth is blue
It sounds like your whisper in my ear
It smells like September
It looks like the gentleness in your fierceness
It feels like your heartbeat beneath my palm
And it tastes like laughter in tall glasses
There are glimpses in the valley now… traces, running down badger like Indian ink –
Compilations and coffee rings in the Underground…
Melting roadside tragedies on the Queens gate…
Indelible scriptures
That give way to the Sacred
While you surrender your burdens to me
Surrender your anguish, your pain
Let these wretched things fall away late at night in our musky catacomb
Where we tangle our bodies in luscious disarray
And your shoulder tempts my lips
The soft heat of you, ink and scars, delights that I find… your bodies lovely ornaments –
Priceless frescoes that are now mine to seek with euphoria, trace with awe
Desire with madness, taste with rapture
You are my poetry, whether written in blood or ink
Whether smudged in dark decadence, carved into my own skin, pouring from my wounded mind –
Or seeping from my tortured soul…
Layers upon layers, woven together, waiting for the sunflowers to anoint our rusted time
Your eyes are questions to my answers
Your soliloquies are my memories
Your beauty stirs me… makes me weep with desire
Steals the angels innocence and makes them swoon
Come be my sweetest lover, my deepest sorrow, my darkest moment
Lets stray to
Where our madness devours our sanity
Where our love is fierce and wild
Where home is in each others eyes
Tonight, come into my dreams and take me into yours…