Something a bit different…

Today I offer a poem I wrote years ago. My style then was rhyme, romantic, sorrow or tragedy written with a lighter touch versus the dark atmosphere I use now. I like to think that there may be those that are eternally linked. That they know without a doubt, and take comfort in, that they will be reunited in every lifetime. Feel free to comment. I hope you enjoy.

Transcendental Transitional Thruway

A Thousand Years

With that first breath of you
I ignored what I knew I should do
And so I rolled with it, without mention
And then you moved real close to me
And I was blinded but could see
My soul was flying toward your attention
And such a man so beautiful
I’ve seen them come and seen them go
But this time there was something there unchanging
I reached way back inside my mind
And there you were – easy to find
It just took a little bit of rearranging
I’ve tried, to retreat from the tide
It floods me everywhere I hide
No ocean rests between us
Not one small grain of sand
A thousand years…
You’ll find me where I am…
I watch as the daylight fades
And hints of us in every shade
Become more prominent in my aloneness
Your body so warm against mine
When I saw you that last time
And found myself falling into your kiss
I stack those pieces once again
Onto ancient recollections – then pretend
That I was never meant to be more than your lover
This Universe of ours devours
Our chance at love with its powers
Refusing any answer to discover
So I try… to retreat from the tide
It floods me everywhere I hide
No ocean rests between us
Not one small grain of sand
A thousand years…
You’ll find me where I am…
This circle is our destiny
I’m true to you, you’re true to me
Whether or not we wish to continue
Throughout space and all of time
We’ve been attached by the sublime
When I’ve looked out –
You’ve looked in every window…
So I try… to retreat from the tide
It floods me everywhere I hide
No ocean rests between us
Not one small grain of sand
A thousand years…
You’ll find me where I am…

Loves Bones (Marrow)

Cold Catacomb of Creeping Corpses?

Call me not a seeress, witch, prophet or messenger
But I know a 50 mile distance and a 75mph blur
And there’s an echo, an unforgiving solemn, empty chanting
Crows reprimanding; Shriek –
Demand a fair accounting
But there’s no answer, no simple resolution –
Only chaos drowning in sorrow, along with all of these contusions
(Yearnings depth of no significance in this monstrosity of horrors)
(No bartering or begging when the cupboards are all bare)
We swam in words during our gasoline conception
All nighters filled with language that had passion and direction
But now stillness… scavenging – picking at loves bones…
Every time you’re out of your mind, you fill my head with your despair
I have no breath that I can catch in this spiny, dead, thin air
No remedy in the webs of my mind for these double-edged cuts, seeping blue
Poetic rawness; Our jagged, gritty Valentine
There’s no truth to make this better; To wrap us back in a cocoon
To spin fire out of cinders… pinch drenched into thirst
No offerings of madness will plump a pale moon that’s just about to burst
(Phantoms behind demons, apparitions lurking in the fog behind your empty-mirror stare)
(They fill their bellies with my decaying precious faith)
No blood sacrifice
From a serrated, rusty knife
Leave my demons… ravaging – Go find your own…
No matter now
The crows are stumbling drunk and foul
Thorny beaks vandalizing the truth with reckless glee –
Stabbing, biting at my shattered eyes
Hissing hymns of death so gruesome that they’re a lovely morbidity
Wicked talons claw a map of my body; A scar for every torment
Perch upon disembodied Loves’ bony shoulders until the very last moment
(Wretchedness presses its silky, slinky heat against my emaciated soul)
(Then wipes the dirty hourglass; Ah, my beloveds true name…)
A gargoyle mass of grey and gristle sucking from my bones their marrow
While the raging clouds of crows take flight leaving behind a lone, dead sparrow
Hellhounds bray morbid lullabies… damaging – until the whole world moans …

The curtain torn so the wounds could spill; And I am at the very least
Falling away… falling, falling, falling… I fell away

Into no good feast.

In the hollow, warm and humid, lay my bones with lavender to seduce
My vile loss into sweetness among statues with unfortunate eyes
From which lily’s do protrude
Give me an unmarked grave to speak where words failed
And your whisper against the cold-stones solitude
To drown out the deeds that were merely chasms of charred nothing
So that at least in death my spirit finds a truce


Significant Stall Sign Sincerely Savored

I stepped through it… guarded footsteps sliding through the grey-black, filmy veil –
Wordless, breath in slow reverse, heart drumming to soul dancing… A meeting of self, and… Spirit…
It was a dream I’d tried to capture for a thousand celestial moons –
Drag with me through the hazy, fuzzy, viridian fog of moonlight visions becoming mourning evaporations –
Mirrored in sleepy pupils; Achromatic soft skeletons, too flimsy to contain such an exquisite rapture
This dimension of infinite softness, like an angels wings, wispy unfurlings, come to cloak me in myself…
The sempiternal knowledge that…

-Truth is not a fact. It is a theory, born from a singular experiencer of an experience –

An undreamt treasure; The supercelestial recognizing that this is the circular essence of my being –


All Roads Lead To Home…

And eventually all human matter falls away –
Skin from bones, blood from veins, mind from brain, breath from lungs…
Ashes in the bittersweet wind; a molasses spiral toward heaven, gossamer flakes of what will become –
And what has been…
A metal circle in spiral –
This unyielding cage spitting time into softness where our bones finally rest, as the metamorphosis begins –
A dilution… of errors, grievances, harms, all shades of weariness and corruption –
These things have gone, carried away in gentle arms of the compassionate weeping; dahlia archangels
Carried away, over the river of tranquility by graceful Luna moths fluttering; Hush… hush…
Let the sky cry with the brokenhearted. Let its thunder drown their pain.
Let it all fall away
Look into your own eyes, witness the unfolding of your rusted mysteries, of your silvery starlight…
Come to me my sweetness, my darling, my beauty –
Imperfect perfection
Perfect imperfection
Jeweled adornment bursting into hypnotizing flame, rutilant wildfire; Myself… Spirit… united… Thyself –
This undreamt heaven a silky, pillowy kiss, nuzzling my heart to beat, urging my withered eyes to dream…
The mechanics, a blueprint not necessary so much as the will to open the triangular doors of the soul
Let heavens filament in… its gentle, silvery strings wrapping round your being…
To transcend
To birth new breath
To inspire new stars
To whisper against your ear, like a lovely lover
This… is yours… who you are when the membrane is pulled away…
When all cartilage between light and shadow tears, fractures, to repair the brutal dissection of yin and yang
Diaphanous, celestial fusion becomes, is all, tangible and intangible –
A fragrant abstract… consummated into


Ever yours, despite distance and dimensions