Soothing Silence in the Shadowland

Walking toward your eyes
Beautiful death…
I ignored the inferno that lit the mountains
Brushed your lips with my dreams
My hands caressing your body like it was a sacred scripture
My soul breathing to your dead words
My heart beating for this vacant soul of the damned
Foulness so ugly, the moon wrapped it in pretty
Mesmerizing poetic chaos, words that will endure like your shadow
As it hovers on the back wall long after you’re gone
Your native eyes staring in at me through fingerprinted windows…
Leave me out of your visions –
Stop conjuring my dreams
Twisting my love into pain while you burn down our house –
And I am annihilated as I write your pain
Your unbound, tortured declarations
Seasons that were severed, pulled from your soul
As you stumbled through dark, drunken madness
Beneath a ghost moon, bloated with repulsive confessions that you howled into her belly
There is a cemetery here
But your angel trumpets aren’t blooming yet
Your heart wanders through the garden on the hour, like precise clockwork
As I watch through the window
My strangled, tragic heart the burden of loving you
The devastation of your past on your lips every time we kiss
Begging manifestation… —
You call out from your dreams…
Her name on your breath in a silken lovers purr
Our bed no haven, no blessed slumber; I stand in the corner
Trying to melt into the walls along with my spoiled eyes, my blistered ears – My wordless mouth…
My bleeding mind… why can’t this inferno finish me?
Melting corners on our ghost photographs
Warping tear-stained, lonely poetic words
Choking passion as its thick, demented smoke pours from our windows
While I stand inside
Aching for a glimpse of you… looking for a glimpse of me…
But you will never see through those sutured eyes…

But you’re too busy pacing in the garden…
Your heart wandering through magnetic wormholes
Mistaking madness for angelic, profound love
You glance my way but your eyes don’t see me
I’m just a shadow on your eyelashes
As I beg through the window
And the fire gets hotter, clinging to the walls
Burning our house down