Desert Soul

Peaceful Paragon

I can’t grasp my breath, can’t see its shadow
Unwrapped by a thousand gasped cuts, razor sharp
That have punctured the sun
I can’t feel my fire –
Inhale its spirit into my souls desert
Permeate my chiaroscuro and my greys with scent and color inbetween –
Pigment alchemy in this carved indigenous wasteland
Where is the water?
Where is the water?
Where is my thirst?
Where is your thirst?
I’ve lost my counsel; Spinning stars tilt the sky, leave me with convulsing eyes
You say I should seek the wisdom of your elders –
Feather and sage in your hands to send me on my way
I am stravaging your red road by moonstone –
Between thorny tumbleweeds, cacti spurs, mica shards
Amid iceberg caves with screaming visions
Dreams of twisted symbols that solicit extraction; Meanings in motion, poured
Dousing dust, rusted sockets, and dead roots
Stones turned reveal cliff notes
Braided vines to scale brail canyons littered with corpse histories –
Reach the inclines leading beneath tangerine cliff overhangs
Where messengers shape what speaks within each seasons almanac
And your eyes welcome me, urging my sight toward the promise surrounding me –
Bones restrung with succulent thread –
It’s sinewy, linen web glistening with knots of perpetuity…
And thus, an unfolding; A spewing cornucopia
Birthed into this dry, wretched, sun-cracked inertia
All of this mealy precipitation baked into my veins, like cracked pottery
Having been left in the chimera too long
Ah, but, firefly particles weave dandelion seeds in the thin-veined air
Delicate reminders that burst like ice crystals on the sun –
Or sunflower petals in your mischievous eyes
Pearlescent and balmy
And my riddles are diffused, take flight on the bohemian wings of gypsy moths
I breathe again my ancient secrets
I know each curve and pattern, each trace and continuum…
Rushing through me
I am nothing
And everything
My chamomile eyes flowering

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